Additional Advertising Opportunities

In addition to display advertising in Lab Animal Europe there are some great additional opportunities to increase your company’s profile amongst our readers and your potential customers.

Targeted Flyers

Why not target your potential customers based on your specific criteria for example using job description, geographic area of species worked with. We can insert your flyers, company newsletters, booklets, CD and DVDs, product samples to reach your selected audience. Prices and details are available upon request

Belly Bands

Enhance the impact and recall of your company’s advertising by utilising the Lab Animal Europe Belly Band system. This ensures that the reader opens up their issue at your advert. Click below to view samples of the Belly Band concept.

Leaflet Inserts

Leaflet inserts are a cost-effective alternative to display advertising for promoting your company’s products or services. Supply your own printed literature or take advantage of our team’s professional and competitively priced leaflet design, artwork and print service. Please ask for details.

Corporate Website Review

Lab Animal Europe features an industry website in every issue within the News section. You can pay for a half page website review of your company’s website to appear on the same page. Independent reviews by our own editorial team cost £400 or you can provide your own review for £350.

Product Profiles

Presented as an advertising feature, Product Profiles are supplier written editorial pieces describing the performance of a new product or product application. Please contact us for details.