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The Buyers Guide is an international publication that is circulated to over 15,000 research professionals located all around the world. These are the decision makers at all of the world’s major research establishment’s …...YOUR potential customers! Exciting advertising opportunities are available within the Buyers Guide, click here to find out more.

Free Entry in Web Directory

All entries in the Buyer Guide are also listed free on our online supplier search database. Most suppliers use this service but it is optional and you can opt to not to be listed in the online version.

Free Company Listing

Basic company text listings are free. If you are not already listed, please complete the listing form available here.

Enhanced Company Listing

Why not enhance your company’s listing by having your company contact details in bold type, accompanied by your company logo. Enhanced entries also include a 300 word company profile. Available for £377.
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Section Sponsorship

The Lab Animal Europe Buyers Guide is divided into sections for easy-to-use reference relating to the products and services, for example, Animals, Food and Diet and Housing sections. Each section within the printed version of the Buyers Guide is available for sponsorship. This is a great opportunity to advertise your company’s name in a powerful way. Section Sponsorship includes:

- A double page spread or two full page adverts in the section that you sponsor
- Your logo on the front cover of the buyers guide
- Your logo on the contents page
- Your logo on every page within your sponsored section
- An enhanced company entry, your company contact details in bold type, your company logo next to your company contact details and company profile.