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Lab Animal Europe Current Issue – Volume 14, No.4 | April 2014


Contrast-enhanced sonothrombolysis in a porcine model of acute peripheral arterial thrombosis and prevention of anaphylactic shock
Johanna H. Nederhoed, MD, Jeroen Slikkerveer, MD, Klaas W. Meyer, Willem Wisselink, MD, PhD, René J.P. Musters, PhD & Kak K. Yeung, MD, PhD ...abstract


Comparison of the lateral tail vein and the retro-orbital venous sinus routes of antibody administration in pharmacokinetic studies
Angela Schoch, Irmgard S. Thorey, PhD, Julia Engert, PhD, Gerhard Winter, PhD, Prof & Thomas Emrich, PhD ...abstract



An ulcerating mass in the dorsum of a Swiss OF1 mouse
Yolanda Millán Ruiz, DVM, PhD, Ana Molina, DVM, PhD, Carlos Reymundo, MD, PhD, Rosario Moyano, DVM, PhD & Juana Martín de las Mulas, MD, PhD, DVM ...abstract


Guest Editorial
The animal facility: a museum or a playground?

The immune system can compensate for malnutrition
Interfering with the progression of breast cancer
Cancer detection by fruit fly olfaction
Parkinson’s drug could treat diabetic retinopathy

News Updates
Immunotoxin targets HIV-infected Cells
Fisetin protects cognitive function in Alzheimer’s
Surgical glue inspired by nature
A semi-synthetic approach to treat tuberculosis
How Salmonella curtails asthma symptoms

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Protocol Review
Rationale for new model development

Micro-tinkering with the rabbit ears of reception

Case Report
An ulcerating mass in the dorsum of a Swiss OF1 mouse
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